Vlada Senkova’s movie “II” will take part in the 35th Warsaw International Film Festival. The film created by “ART Corporation” jointly with UNESCO IITE will be presented in the Free Spirit contest section. Together with “II” 13 films will compete for the victory.


The 35th Warsaw Film Festival received 4,000 applications, 180 of which were selected for participation: 111 full-length and 69 short-length films. In the Free Spirit  program, together with the Belarusian film of Vlada Senkova, movies from Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Indonesia, Poland, China, Portugal and the Czech Republic take part. The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of 5,000 zloty.

In the story, Nastya, Sasha and Kristina who are 16 years old study together in the tenth grade and live the ordinary teenage lives: lessons, tutors, going to the movies, parties. Strict discipline reigns in school and it is difficult to be different from everyone else. But one day this small world will be shocked over the news which will make all the fears and prejudices revealed.


“Despite the fact that the film was commissioned by UNESCO IITE, it was created in almost complete creative freedom. Even at the stage of approval of the script, colleagues from UNESCO IITE gave us with co-author Alexander Lesko the opportunity to save everything that we wrote. And then our producer Nikolai Lavrenyuk, risking, allowed me to make a movie as I see it. And I think that it was thanks to this that the Warsaw Film Festival happened – one of the 15 best film festivals in the world, along with the IFF in Cannes, Karlovy Vary and Berlin. So this is how our movie about friendship and struggle was born, and my filmography was replenished with a story that I dearly love and I want to show the audience eagerly,” says Vlada Senkova about the creation of the film.

“II” is the second full-length film by Vlada Senkova. The director’s debut film – the drama “The Count in Oranges” – in 2016 took part in the MIFF “Listapad National Competition”. The international jury awarded “The Count in Oranges” with the diploma For a Bold and Fresh Look. The movie was also presented at the festival in Cottbus (Discovery Award) and at the Moscow IFF. A short-length film by Vlada Senkova “From a great height” (2017) was shown at festivals in Minsk, Moscow, Cottbus and other cinema shows in Europe.

The main roles in the film were played by young actors Alina Yukhnevich, Alexey Vainilovich and Ilaria Shashko.

The movie was created by the Center of Visual and Performing Arts “ART Corporation” in collaboration with the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education.