“Weekends with Lars von Trier” will be held for the second time at the Mooon cinema in TRINITI shopping mall in Grodno. On June 11 the film “Epidemic” will be presented, and on June 12 – “The Boss of It All”. After screenings you can discuss what you saw with film expert Igor Soukmanov.

In the experimental film “Epidemic”, Lars von Trier and screenwriter Niels Vørsel starred themselves. According to the plot, they write a script called “Epidemic” about a terrible and mysterious disease that swept Europe. As long as they look for inspiration and money for the production, the epidemic will really break out. This work by Lars von Trier will be shown on June 11.

“The boss of it all” will surprise even those who are well acquainted with the work of the Danish director. Novator-Trier, who has already managed to shoot a musical, thriller, horror, melodrama, took up a completely unexpected genre of comedy. “The boss of it all” is an original minimalistic movie with a peculiar Scandinavian humor, the plot of which is built around the sale of an IT company. There is only one problem: once its owner invented a non-existent fictitious leader so as not to be responsible for unpopular decisions. Customers insist on meeting in person, and the owner has to hire a failed actor to act as the boss. To his surprise, the actor discovers that the new role risks becoming a serious test for his moral convictions. The picture will be shown on June 12.

All films are shown in their original language with Russian subtitles.

The project “Weekends with Lars von Trier” in Grodno is organized by Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation”. The project is supported by the Danish Cultural Institute.

We advise you to take precautions and make your movie visit not only enjoyable but also safe: please wear masks and use other protective means.

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