8 films of the great cynic Lars von Trier will be shown at the Pioner cinema. “Weekends with Lars von Trier” will take place from 5 to 27 February. In the course of four weeks every Friday and Saturday we offer to watch the iconic works of the Danish director, which will reveal him as the main manipulator and scoffer, magician, dogmatist and provocateur of the world cinema. After the screenings, a discussion will take place with film expert Igor Sukmanov.

For decades, Trier’s inconvenient and painful films have evoked either audience adoration or outright rejection. It is obvious that the director has created his own unique cinematic world, woven from contradictions, and there is a constant struggle for the creation of dogmas and their destruction, between cynicism and morality, violence and creativity. “Weekends with Lars von Trier” will help you see all the facets of the director and understand why his films are as beautiful as they are shocking.

On the first weekend, there will be an opportunity to acquaint themselves with Trier as a skilled manipulator. On February 5, the film “Epidemic” will be shown, where Lars von Trier and screenwriter Niels Vørsel starred themselves. According to the plot, they write a script called “Epidemic” about a terrible and mysterious disease that swept Europe. While they are looking for inspiration and money for the production, the epidemic will really break out. February 6 – “Dancing in the Dark” about painful choice and self-sacrifice, where singer Bjork plays the role of Selma. For this film she won the prize at the Cannes Film Festival as Best Actress, and Lars von Trier won the Palme d’Or for Best Film.

Next weekend will reveal the director as a film wizard. The visionary experiment that opened Trier’s way to Cannes – “Forbrydelsens element” – will be shown on February 12. It is possible to watch the aesthetic film “Europe” about life in post-war Germany on February 13. The spectacular black-and-white film sprinkling with colour shots will remind you of the aesthetics of Franz Kafka’s works.

The genre of office comedy “Direktøren for det hele”, unexpected for the director, can be seen on February 19. Trier’s sense of humour will surely surprise those who did not expect it from him. Another film-participant of the Cannes Film Festival – the film “Manderlay” – can be seen on February 20. Its events unfold two years after the famous “Dogville”, and the main character Grace finds herself on a plantation in Alabama, where workers do not know that slavery was abolished 70 years ago.

The last weekends will explain why Lars von Trier has definitely left his mark in the history of world cinema as a dogmatist and innovator. On February 26, there will be a screening of the sensational provocative film “Idiots”, created according to the manifesto “Dogma 95”. He is shocking with his naturalism and frankness, but at the same time he becomes central in Trier’s trilogy about pure female self-sacrifice. February 27 – “Breaking the Waves”, a film-parable about the tragic story of a girl who suffered indignity for the sake of her beloved husband’s recovery. The film won the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival, nominations for an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Project “Weekends with Lars von Trier” is organized by Visual and Performing Arts Centre “ART Corporation”.

We advise you to observe safety measures and make the visit to the cinema not only pleasant, but also safe: use masks and other protective means. 

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