On 15th July a romantic fantasy in the spirit of Woody Allen is released. The film “Van Gogh in Love” is a story about the relationship between life and art and how a great artist can take your beloved away. The film schedule is available here.

The career of the artist Leo Mazzotti is not going well. No matter what he does, Van Gogh’s phrase that “true love inspires aversion to art” does not come out of his mind. Then he decides to part with his beloved Eliza, and goes abroad. Returning 10 years later to France with a rich wife, he meets Eliza, who, to his surprise, married to … Van Gogh. The great artist left the painting to devote himself entirely to his family and never paint again.

The director of the film, Jean-Luc Ayach, noted that his Van Gogh is a fictional character, however, to create a believable image, the creators more than once turned to the artist’s correspondence. In the film, Van Gogh returns to our time and gets acquainted with contemporary art. However, the main character of the film is the contemporary artist Leo. In his works, he makes fun of the consumer society with the help of kitsch. The interview, in which Leo explains his work, is based on a conversation between Jeff Koons and Bernard Blistin, curator of his exhibition at the Pompidou Center.

This film is an ironic, but not stupid love story. The main role is played by the audience’s favorite Frédéric Diefenthal, who is well known to many for his role as an unlucky policeman in the “Taxi” film series.

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