Two unlucky friends find a huge fly in the trunk of a stolen car and decide to train it to rob a bank. In search of a secluded place for her training, they meet a lot of eccentrics and get into the most insane troubles. A giant fly can learn petty theft, golden youth can save fools, and fools are always lucky!

Since June 24, in the cinemas of Minsk, we have been watching an eccentric absurd comedy about two lazybones who find a giant fly in the trunk of a car. The men decide to tame the insect in order to make a ton of money from the spectacle-hungry public. The film was shot by French musician, DJ and filmmaker Quentin Dupieux, author of “Le daim”, “Rubber” and “Wrong Cops”. According to Quentin Dupieux, during the editing of his previous picture (“Le daim”), he thought that all his films are “comedies, tortured by death.” In “Mandibules”, the director finally focuses on life and emphasizes friendship.

The main roles in the film were played by Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais, known from the French sketch show Palmashow. The cast also included Adèle Exarchopoulos, Dave Chapman and others. British electronic band Metronomy was responsible for the soundtrack for the film.

The international premiere of the film “Mandibules” took place at the last year’s Venice Film Festival, where the press greeted the film extremely warmly.

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