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We love the author's cinema
The ART Corporation's repertoire includes films that have been nominated and won the Academy award, the Cannes film festival awards, and participants in international film festivals in Berlin, San Sebastian, Toronto, and Karlovy vary. Every year we focus on participants of the Listapad film festival-from the tragicomic ``Toni Erdmann`` by Maren Ade and the shocking ``The House that Jack built`` by Lars von Trier to the Polish super hit ``Corpus Christi» by Jan Komasa.
We love documentaries
In our box office visited: ``Aquarela`` by Viktor Kosakovsky, ``Celebration`` by Olivier Meyrou,`` Love, Antosha ``by Garret Price, ``Maria by Callas `` by Tom Volf,`` Genesis 2.0 ``by Maxim Arbugaev and Christian fry,`` Why are we creative?» Herman Vaske and other documentaries.
We love our audience
Our goal is not only to demonstrate feature films and documentaries in excellent quality, while respecting the interests of copyright holders, but also to develop a culture of film screenings and screenings. We love discussing movies with experts and audiences and try to share our passion for good movies with the community as often as possible!

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