In the spring (and always) we offer to watch the performances of Belarusian theatre leaders. In March and April, TOKtheatre will show 12 productions – from the theatre’s showpiece Opium to the original premiere Sources of Light. A bonus in our playbill will be Anton Makukha’s debut performance Arche & Ket, shown within the framework of the Plastforma Theatre Forum. The marathon of spring performances starts on March 9 with the drama Suchilischa.

 width=The play Arche&Ket: photo by Anna Sharko

Jump into the last car – buy tickets for the Suchilischa performance to be shown on March 9. The performance by Alexander Marchenko is a daring drama about a student in love with her teacher. The teacher decides to meet with her on a bet. It’s a story about love that belongs to nobody. The world of hipsters will face the world of vocational student in a drama based on a play by Andrei Ivanov. The best performance of 2018 (according to Belarusian critics) will begin at 19:00. Hurry up before the tickets sold out!

On March 16 you can watch Opium – the performance by Alexander Marchenko based on a play by Vitaly Korolyov, a must-see for every intellectual in Belarus. A typical family lives somewhere in Rogachev: a mother and two sons. One goes to study in Minsk, financed from the budget, as the family has no money. Another decides to go to Ukraine and earn money by digging trenches. Meanwhile, there is a war going on in Ukraine… Any coincidence in Opium is random, but looks incredibly real and will not leave you indifferent. The performance will be repeated on April 13.

A short break – and we will show a new spectacle Arche&Ket on March 18. The debut work of the director Anton Makukha was included in the programme of the Plastforma Theatre Forum and will present the choreographic skills of Belarusians along with the productions from Austria, Poland and Lebanon. The performance invites you to become a detective and investigate the love between Arche and Ket, interfere with it and, perhaps, prove that there is no love at all. It could be only a moment, a second between you in the past and you in the future, who will love again.

 width=The perfomance Guards at the Taj: photo by Igor Chishchenya

The last performance of March will be a theatre thriller about the life of an IT specialist. TOKtheatre presents a spectacle Seryozha Is Very Dumb by Dmitry Bogoslavsky based on a play by Dmitry Danilov. The programmer Sergei suddenly takes part in absurd events: three couriers bring him a mysterious package, but refuse to give it. What’s the problem? After all, Sergei said himself: “Everything is fine, you can be within an hour.” The second time the performance will be shown on April 20.

April will start with the robust performance Guards at the Taj by Alexander Yanushkevich. In 2019, an exciting drama based on a play by Rajiv Joseph took 4th place in the TOP-5 best performances according to Belarusian theatre critics. Embodying the legend about the night of 40 thousand hands, two guards patrol the greatest architectural treasure. What is the price of looking at a pearl of Indian culture? And what will the guards Babur and Humayun choose: to betray a friend or betray their ideals? The performance will be held on April 10 and 11 at 19:00.

On Sunday, April 12, we invite you to see how people suffered and had fun in Belarus in 1930s. Primitivy by Alexander Marchenko is not only a search for witnesses, who saw the life and work of the artist Alena Kish, staying in the same breath as Niko Pirosmani, but also chronicles of dispossession of her fellow villagers, participation in public rallies and dances. Become a part of the collective historical memory at 19:00.

 width= The performance Sources of Light: photo by Alexey Pivovarchik

Unleash your feelings on April 21 and visit Song of Songs – another performance that won “Theatrical Belarus” Award in 2019. The production by Jura Divakov, based on the old text by Solomon, took 3rd place in the ranking of critics and bloggers. Marta Golubeva and Eldar Bekirov portray lovers and demonstrate the whole palette of love: from tenderness and romance to a bloodthirsty tragedy.

On April 27 and 28 you can see the long-awaited premiere of the vogue-ball performance. Alexander Marchenko presents a new spectacle based on Andrei Ivanov’s play  – Sources of Light. In the Sources, the world split into three parts. In the Lower World, in Darkness and Stink, Barmaglot lives – the One Who Will Break Everything. In the Middle World, the Headless King hands out candies, and Queen Mary gives names. And at the very top, the Red King bides his time. They are “unnecessary” people: a homeless, a prostitute, a disabled person and a latent gay. Being out of line, they will seek their light and become a light for someone else.

The performance Sources of Light was created with the support of Belgazprombank OJSC and the assistance of the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus.

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