ART Corporation continues to share performances: today we open access to the premiere recording of Anti[gone]. The performance by Alexander Marchenko is the second one created by ART Corporation in the site-specific genre. Here the actress Daria Novik becomes a part of the ancient tragedy by Sophocles, and the stories of various Belarusians represent the voices of modernity. You can watch the performance for the first time or recall your impressions of the spectacle on the link until May 13!

 width=Photo by Snezhana Markovskaya

What similarity can you find between the classic work by Sophocles and the real stories told by famous Minsk residents? The changes of modern life dictate new rules, make you rethink and doubt, overthrow heroes and bust myths, but people, like two millennia ago, remain face to face with the world, with their pain, passion, resentment.

The idea of the performance arose at the seminar “Values, Responsibility, Future”, held using the technology of Aspen Institute seminars – cultural and social projects aimed at communicating, creating cultural dialogue and consolidating leaders from different fields.

The participants of the seminar became the heroes of the performance “Anti[gone]”. Real people – a producer, a sociologist, a PR agency manager, an activist, a publisher, a political scientist, a journalist, and a female athlete – tell their own stories. Will they become protagonists or will Antigone still remain the main character?

The text of the play “Antigone” is performed by the actress Daria Novik, and monologues are performed by Roman Kostitsyn, Kristina Marchuk, Andrei Alexandrov, Ivan Vedenin, Marina Shtrakhova, Vladimir Shablinsky, Marina Kalinina, Ales Krot, Andrei Egorov and Tatyana Vodolazhskaya.

“All together the experts comprise a choir, which is the most important character of the ancient tragedy. However, in modern times this choir is neither anonymous nor collective anymore. These voices are the voices of individuals, and each of them can and should be heard; these voices do not come from the “pulpit”, a performance venue, but they come from the audience – they are among us. This is a modern Antigone, whose body breaks down into many bodies of different sex and age, with or without tattoos and dreads, with various biographies and sets of values,” Tanya Artimovich commented.

The performance premiered on June 12, 2017. The spectacle was created by the ART Corporation Centre with the support of the Memorial Museum-Workshop of Z.I. Azgur.