This year’s premiere and last shows of   «Arche & Ket» production will be held on November 27th and 28th at the Ok16. This is the first performance with elements of choreography created by director Anton Makukha and choreographer Irina Shirokaya within the T. O. K. project. “Arche & Ket” is a lifelong conversation about love where there is no one is to blame, but at the same time, all are guilty.


The premiere of the performance based on the play by the Georgian playwright Dimitri Uchaneishvili took place in September. Anton Makukha and Irina Shirokaya staged a story in which everyone can see their own embodiment of love: love as an illusion, love as a moment, love as a work.

After the show, there was a discussion where the director spoke about the non-standard format of the play “cinema and dance”: “It often happens with plays that maybe you like the material, but you don’t know it and can’t even think of how to stage the play. Only a few years later, I came up with the idea to combine text, choreography, video, and theater, even more, cinema… At a time when there are many different parts, you try to collect them, but only thanks to the spectator they are more tightly connected.”

One… Two… Three… A stopped moment, a click… Life is get back into its rhythm. Love is the second between what you were and what you should become to feel it again. Catching up with this moment, Arche and Ket try to understand their own emotions in order to realize if it was love.

How often does a person reflect upon love? Doesn’t feel or discuss it, but reflects on it? Thinks about it? Believes or denies its existence? An honest and cruel conversation about what everyone feels in a relationship. The characters go through this trial. Running away from persecution, Arche and Ket time and again recall their story in detail. Moments that would change everything, seconds in which everything could be different – is it possible to catch up with them?

The performance of the T. O. K. project is shown with the support of Belgosstrakh BRUIC.

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