The play Arche & Ket will be premiered before the beginning of the new TOK Theatre season. This is the play which is worth seeing not because of the plot. The production of Anton Makukha and Irina Shirokaya suggests that love can be both a moment and the fruit of labour in a relationship. Arche & Ket is brutal but honest – you wouldn’t say “this isn’t about me”. The production will be premiered in the cultural hub OK16 on September 10.


The production based on the play by the Georgian author Dimitri Uchaneishvili contains neither obscene language nor unexpected plot twists, but every movement and word of Archie and Ket is imbued with philosophy. Production directors Anton Makukha and Irina Shirokaya say that in Arche & Ket everyone can see something different: love as an illusion, love as a moment, love as a trouble.

One, two, three… A moment. A flick. Life is getting into the rhythm. Love is the second between who you were and who you need to become to feel it again. Catching up with this moment, Archie and Ket try to make sense of their feelings to understand whether it was love.

How often a person reflects upon love? It’s not about feeling it or talking about it, it’s about reflecting upon it. Thinking about it. Believing in it or denying its existence. The honest and brutal conversation about how everyone feels in a relationship, and the characters go through it. As they trying to escape, Archie and Ket remember their story in detail again and again. Moments that would change everything, moments when everything could be different – is it possible to catch up with them?

This is a conversation about lifelong love where all are guilty, but no one is.

Anton Makukha, director: “Maybe there is no love at all? What on earth is that? What is that for each and every one of us? Do we have similar feelings and opinions? Can we be sure that this similarity is not an illusion? Difficult, isn’t it? »

If you dare to spend an hour and a half of your life reasoning about it, come to see the performance Arche & Ket. The performance is followed by a discussion. Come alone, with your soulmate or friends, or gift invitations.

To purchase tickets for the premiere, go to the website or call +375(44)490-48-99. The tickets are also available at ticket offices and on the websites,,,,

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