“The Song of Songs” throughout the history of mankind has found many religious interpretations, inspired poets, musicians and painters. Visual and performing arts center “ART Corporation within its “TOK” project – invites you to see the interpretation of one of the oldest tales of love. In the new project by Yura Divakov Solomon’s “Song of Songs” will open the doors to the world of passionate and tender, languid and furious feeling.

Physicality as one of the main components of romantic love today becomes part of the theatrical research directed by Yura Divakov. The body as a source of beauty and pleasure, naturalness and harmony with nature, the connection of the inner and outer world. Love subtilizes smells and sounds, raises your heart rate. It makes the body move to the beat of a different body, tremble from fear, suffer from unanswered feelings and break all the taboos. The beauty of romantic feelings, the naturalness of the body – the conductor of human emotions and desires – all this you can see in the project “The Song of Songs”.

 width=Director – Yura Divakov

Set and costume designer – Tanya Divakova

Composer – Eric Orlov-Shimkus

Performers – Marta Golubeva, Eldar Bekirov

Language – Russian

Duration – 50 min

Venue – Culture hub OK16 (Oktyabrskaya str. 16)


You can order tickets at artcorporation.by, bycard.by, kupalauski.by, smsbilet.by, kassy.by, and also by phone: + 375 44 490 48 99.