In the run-up to the New Year’s holidays, “TEC” offers a theatrical alternative to New Year’s representations. In the winter playbill there are a new performance and others that have already become resonant in the passing year. On December 17, the premiere of Dmitry Bogoslavsky’s performance “Seryozha is very dumb” will take place, and after that, the presentations of  «S uchilischa» by Alexander Marchenko and “Song of songs” by Yura Divakov will continue. Have time to see the most high-profile plays of 2019!


On December 17, the premiere of the play “Seryozha is very dumb” will take place in “TEC”. A performance, which is based on the absurd play of Dmitry Danilov, is directed by Dmitry Bogoslavsky. Panteleev Sergey Nikolaevich expects “a package within an hour”. Delivery men keep their promise, but do not give the package and do not leave the house. Who these delivery men from Gryazi really are and what will Sergey do? The performance starts at 19:00.

The director tells about work with Dmitry Danilov’s play: “I approach the performance with a kind of sensual feeling that it needs to be done, today, because you can miss the moment, and all that is said in the play, “tomorrow” will become a reality, and it will not be funny.”

 width=Photo from the production “Song of songs”

“Song of songs” will be shown again in the project “TEC” on December 18. At the cultural hub “Ok16” Yura Divakov will present his bold interpretation of the old tale of love. The beauty of romantic feelings, the naturalness of the body – the guide of human emotions and desires – it’s all there in the project with Marta Golubeva and Eldar Bekirov. “Song of songs” is a neat theatrical etude that you will want to watch and listen to several times,” – Afisha.TUT.BY. writes about the performance.

 width=Photo from the production “S uchilischa”

On Christmas Eve, “ART Corporation” invites you to the best performance of 2018 according to Belarusian critics. The drama “S uchilischa”, which is directed by Alexander Marchenko, will tell you about how evil love can be when personal life ceases to belong to two people. Young and wild Tanya tries to live by the rules, but falls in love with her teacher – and everything goes wrong. «S uchilischa» is without censorship, with exciting cast energy and staged freedom,” researcher Tanya Artimovich says about the performance. This performance will start on December 23 at 19:00.

The performances of the project “T.E.C.” are shown with the support of BRUIC “Belgosstrakh”.

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