On March 6 and 15 Aleksandr Yanushkevich’s Guards at the Taj will premiere at art-space ОК16. This new production is based on a play by American playwright and A Pulitzer Prize finalist Rajiv Joseph. The story tells about two friends, guarding the legendary “Indian pearl”. This is the first time Guards at the Taj will be shown in Rusiian language. The tickets on the March T.E.C project premier are already on sale.


Night of forty thousand hands, a birth of one of the greatest man-made edifices: is it true or a lie? Guards at the Taj are just two regular young men, behind whom stands the glorious monument of the world architecture. They face a choice: either to break the rules and betray each other or carry on, living in a blissful ignorance.

Shocking and cruel rules break the routine, dirty work becomes a road leading to simple life, but can the characters overcome their nature and remain the same? Through funny and sometimes absurd dialogs the author shows deep and contradicting nature of a man. Driven by a search of truth, but overwhelmed with fear, staggered by contradictions and subjected to the alien influence, guards at the Taj become involuntary protectors of the great beauty.

Rajiv Joseph is an American playwright and scriptwriter who was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2010. His play Guards at the Taj was translated into Russian within «Ljubimovka + Lark» workshop – a cultural and creative exchange program between Russian and American playwrights in Moscow. Guards at the Taj was also nominated for Off-Broadway Theater Awards as the Best new play in 2016.

Leading American and British magazines write that Guards at the Taj is a “mostly absorbing two-hander” (The New York Times), that “seizes on some potent philosophical issues” (The Independent).

The leading roles in the new Alexandr Yanushkevishs production will be played by the actor of the Janka Kupala’s National Theatre Ivan Kushneruk (The Government Inspector, Matches), and the actor of Grodno doll theatre Alexandr Ratko (The Seagull) .

The play uses strong lexicon. You can buy tickets and find news about upcoming T.E.C. events on artcorporation.by, bycard.by, kupalauski.by, smsbilet.by, kassy.by, bezkassira.by or on +375 44 490 48 99.