The “T. E. C.” project is coming back from vacation. In the new season, Minsk residents will see the premiere of a prerformance about love from Anton Makukha and a discussion about our “cultural heroes” and memory. Also in the playbill there are three non-standart performances  by Alexander Marchenko: “Prymityvy”, “S uchilischa” and “Opium”.

On September 10, in the framework of the project “T. E. C.” will be the premiere of the performance “Arche & Ket”, which is based on Dimitri Uchaneishvili’s play. One… Two… Three… A paused moment, a click… Life comes back in its rhythm. Love is the second between what you were and what you have to become to feel it again. Catching up with this moment, Arche and Ket try to figure out their own emotions to understand: was it love? “Arche & Ket” by Anton Makukha and Irina Shirokaya is cruel and honest – you can’t say: “This is not about me”. The performance will take place at the cultural hub “Ok16”.

Minsk residents’ favorite “the most honest play” will return on September 16. The Belarusian reality in a single typical apartment is two sons and a mother. The eldest one suddenly loses his job, the junior one is preparing to enter university in Minsk. Someday their lives were no worse than others. But now the family appears on the verge of poverty. And right here, in a neighboring country, there is a war that is always waiting for the ones who wants to make money. Alexander Marchenko’s “Opium” А will be shown at the stage of “Ok16”.

Фото: Евгения ПетрученкоPhoto by Igor Chistchenya

What do we know about Alyona Kish? About her “dyvanakh-malyavankakh”? Do we even need her story? In the play “Prymityvy” the creators are looking for answers to these questions, collecting information about the Belarusian artist bit by bit: in the diaries of a fellow villager self-taught artist, newspaper articles and memoirs of her neighbors. The performance with Alexander Molchanov in the main role will be shown on September 24 at “Ok16”. And in the run-up to the performance of Alexander Marchenko, there will be a discussion “The Return” of Alena Kish: Identity puzzle”. The performance immerses us in the social and historical context in which the artist lived and created. The creators of the performance invite us to a discussion on September 17 in “Ok16” to talk about how we address the “cultural heroes” of Belarus, who have fallen out of history and our memory; how we strive to understand and accept this past as part of our own, to find a place for these phenomena in actual life; how this puzzle develops and what happens in the end. To enter  the discussion one needs to register.

Фото: Анна ШаркоPhoto by Anna Sharko

On September 23, the show of the story of one love “S uchilischa” will take place. In the performance based on Andrey Ivanov’s play, the life of the “Bright Youngsters” intersects with the reality of ordinary Tanya from TVET, who tries to live by the rules. But all bets are off, the video broadcast is turned on – and personal life ceases to belong to only two people. The performance of Alexander Marchenko is on the top of the best performances of 2018 according to critics.

Фото: Игорь ЧищеняPhoto by Evgenia Petruchenko

Two performances of the project “T. E. C.” – “Song of Songs” by Yura Divakov and “Guards at the Taj” by Alexander Yanushkevich will be shown in the Belarusian program of the IX International Forum “TEART”. Do not miss the opportunity to visit them as part of the Belarus Open showcaseSeptember 21 and 22.

You can buy tickets to the performances of the project “T. E. C.” on the website, by phone: +375 44 490 48 99 as well as on,,, and