This year T.E.C. (Theatre. Education. Cinema) project had 6 premieres, 5 discussions, 4 lectures, 2 evenings of romantic readings, 48 performances in total and more than 4,000 viewers. In 2020, the project will celebrate 2 years since the foundation, it will be restarted and will become T.E.C. Theatre. Nine performances and the premiere of production R3 by Alexander Yanushkevich will be in January 2020 playbill.  The screenings start on January 11.

 width=A photo from the play Guards At the Taj. Photographer: I. Chistchenya

“We change not only the name, but also the format. The elaboration of a strategy that we formulate for ourselves as a theatre, where there is a place for development and where the creators together with the audience create a common theatre space – we feel that this activity for 1.5 years was truly successful. We see that the invitation of Alexander Yanushkevich, Yura Divakov, Dmitry Bogoslavsky and Anton Makukha builds the concept whereby we form a repertoire. Therefore, switching to the status of the theater seems timely and important. I would like to think that our activity causes a reaction in everyone who deal with it – as if you got electrically shocked.  We are for light and shiver. An electric current is a flow that transfers energy – this metaphor is also very close to us. We want to talk to our audience, it is important to us how they will perceive every event”, – Alexander Marchenko, project monitor and director, comments on the development of the project.

The beginning of the year will be truly great: Guards At the Taj, the production of Alexander Yanushkevich, the winner of the Russian National Theatre Award Golden Mask, will be shown on January 11 and 12Guards At the Taj is a production worthy of five stars, “ – Afisha.TUT.BY portal notes.  Embodying the legend of the night of forty thousand hands, two guards protect the greatest architecture treasure. What is the price of looking at the gem of Indian culture? And how will the guards Babur and Humayun behave when they have to choose:  betray one another or betray their ideals? Find out the answers on Saturday at 19:00 and on Sunday at 17:00.

 width=A photo from the play Seryozha is Very Dumb. Photographer: E. Artimenya

The dumb clever man Seryozha. The psychological thriller based on the play by Dmitry Danilov will be premiered at the T.E.C. Theatre on January 13. In Dmitry Bogoslavsky’s play Seryozha is Very Dumb, three couriers will bring a mysterious parcel to the programmer, but they will refuse to give it to him. They work from the heart: they promised to be there within an hour, and they will stay during this time. The beginning at 19:00 in the cultural hub OK16.

Song Of Songs by Yura Divakov is the most unvarnished performance of the project.  The director reinterprets the ancient tale of love and gives free rein to feelings – passion and tenderness, rage and languor.  Lyudmila Gromyko, theater critic, notes that Song Of Songs divided the audience from rejection to joy and enjoyment. On January 16, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing voice of Martha Golubeva and the acting skills of Eldar Bekirov.

The play Opium by Alexander Marchenko is rightly among the most popular productions of T.E.C. Theatre. The drama about Belarusian realities will be shown on January 20 in the cultural hub OK16. At 19:00, you will see how a small Belarusian family from Rogachev lives: the younger son is going to study in Minsk, the older one is suddenly fired. Meanwhile, the neighboring Ukraine is at war, and they need people.

 width=A photo from the play Opium. Photographer: E. Petruchenko

Two detectives are investigating Archie and Ket’s love story. Or are they interfering with it? What is their love: the fruit of many years of work or just a moment? Arche & Ket will be presented by young director Anton Makukha and choreographer Irina Shirokaya on January 21. An honest and brutal conversation about how each of us feels in a relationship. Moments that would change everything, seconds in which everything could be different – is it possible to catch up with them?

S Uchilischa is another production by Alexander Marchenko in the January playbill.  A brutal production with an unexpected denouement will tell you how deceptive the first impression is and who will turn out to be the victim.  A young and wild Tanya tries to live by the rules, but everything goes wrong when she falls in love with a young philosophy teacher. Private life will no longer belong to only two people on January 27 at 19:00.

Prymityvy is a one-woman play by Alexander Marchenko that offers you to discover the life story of the forgotten Belarusian artist. Alena Kish has a mysterious legend about her death. She left one passport photo and a few dyvany (eng. carpets) that became a national treasure. But how were paintings with paradise subjects created? Who did she sell them to and why her name isn’t popular in cultural space of Belarus today? Findout the answers at 19:00 on January 28.

 width=A photo from the play Prymityvy. Photographer: A. Sharko

Alexander Yanushkevich’s production, a sketch of which was presented within the director’s laboratory of Denis Mayfer at School of TEART this year, will be premiered on January 31! R3 is a new look at Shakespeare’s play Richard III in the adaptation of Alena Ivanyushenko. The production was created with the support of JSC Belgazprombank. A tyrant ascends to the English throne. Cunning, devious and wily – he sweeps away all the rivals on the way to the throne and will never stop in gaining and maintaining his power. But can we call the absolute evil of an unloved and depressed person, disfigured not so much physically as morally?

The performances of the T.E.C. Theatre project are staged with the support of BRUIC Belgosstrakh. 

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