February playbill offers an alternative to weeknights at home. A theatrical thriller by Dmitry Bogoslavsky on Monday, a vogue drama by Alexander Marchenko on Tuesday, and a bold love song by Yura Divakov on Wednesday. Tickets for the premiere and the most high-profile productions of the TOK theatre is out now!


The premiere performances of the nearly sold-out production will continue on February 3! Based on Dmitry Danilov’s play, Seryozha is Very Dumb by Dmitry Bogoslavsky is a story about three ordinary couriers delivering a parcel to a programmer, but refusing to give it to the addressee. On top of that, they play word chain game geography, sing songs and scare him with surgical instruments. But why? It’s simple: “You need to put life into your work, it shouldn’t be poinless… I told you when I called: it’ll take an hour. Even asked again deliberately “does it suit you?”  You said it was okay.  Well, we must stay with you for an hour.”

“Director Dmitry Bogoslavsky is considerate towards pauses, he neither makes advances to the audience, nor tries to make it easier for them. The production is well-thought-out and well-timed”, – emphasizes Narodnaya Gazeta.


Alexander Marchenko will present his fifth performance with ART Corporation on February 18Sources of Light is the first production based on the play of the same name by Andrey Ivanov, with Alice’s-Adventures-in-Wonderland reality.  The world split into three parts. In the Bottom, in the Dark and Stink, lives a Jabberwocky – the One who will Break Everything. In the Middle, the Headless King hands out candies and Queen Mary – the names. And at the very top, the Red King is waiting in the wings. The Jabberwocky is waiting too, then he will break and eat everything… And in a big city, a high-rise shopping mall brings together “unnecessary” people. Not conforming to the norms, they seek their light, becoming it for someone else. Sources of Light is a vogue dance drama choreographed by Verushka Bonchinche, the House of Bonchinche Mother in Belarus.


On February 19, TOK theatre will show The Song of Songs by Yura Divakov. The performance challenges the classical ideas of love and fleshliness, and breaks down our internal barriers. Secrets come out, all the voiceless finds its voice – and the story of daring love, sexuality and fleshliness is heard.

Throughout the history of mankind, The Song of Songs had many religious interpretations and inspired poets, musicians, and painters. In Yura Divakov’s project one of the oldest tales of love opens up the world of passionate and tender, languid and violent feeling.  You will be fascinated with every moment of The Song of Songs starring Marta Golubeva and Eldar Bekirov.

The production Sources of Light was created with the support of JSC “Belgazprombank” and the assistance of the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus.

To purchase tickets for the stagings, go to the websites artcorporation.by, bycard.by, kupalauski.by, smsbilet.by, kassy.by, bezkassira.by, 24afisha.by, or call +375 44 490 48 99.