The ART Corporation Centre opens access to its own theatre archive: Patris, a spectacle about motherland based on the play by Dmitry Bogoslavsky, Viktor Krasovsky and Sergey Antselevich, will be shown on our YouTube channel. Patris was one of the first productions created by the “ART Corporation” team. The predecessor of Opium will be available on the link for a month.


Director Nastya and cinematographer Kostya make a documentary about what the words “homeland” and “patriotism” mean for their fellow citizens. However, the personal and working attitudes of the main characters are intertwined as much as the themes of love and duty raised in the film.

In the process of work, they face a moral choice: to leave the country or to stay. Everyone will have to bear personal responsibility and answer the questions they ask passers-by.

The respondents were Minsk residents. The authors of the performance bring to the stage a gallery of images of our contemporaries, trying to recreate the atmosphere in which they met these people.

Patris was created by a large Belarusian-Polish team. The play was staged by director, actor and playwright Sergei Antselevich. Belarusian actors involved in the play are Kristina Kazak, Alexander Efremov, Andrey Drobysh, Alexander Marchenko, Svetlana Kornelyuk, Maxim Dubovsky, Grazhina Yanulevich, Natalya Podvitskaya, Anna Semenyako, Ivan Trus, Alexander Telyuk, Konstantin Voronov, Artyom Kuren, Dmitry Ignatenkov and Denis Avkharenko.

Collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute gave the opportunity to invite Polish Light Designer Jacqueline Sobiszewski, known for her theatre projects with director Grzegorz Jarzyna. The Set Designer of the spectacle is Anna Tomchinska.

The premiere of the performance took place within the framework of the International Theatre Forum “TEART” on September 28, 2013. “The spectacle Patris was, perhaps, the most daring and topical performance of the festival,” wrote Veronika Molokova in the Minsk Courier newspaper. “Great, talented, very fresh, not the least bit boring. All words and scenes can be taken seriously. Someone will accept it, someone will not, but the main thing is that we are still responsible for our lives. Even profanity that is heard in a few moments is a part of street, everyday life and our upbringing,” Tatyana Orlova noted in a review for the Zvyazda newspaper.